Mi Moneda

Mi Moneda assorted jewelry

The modern take on interchangeable jewelry

Mi Moneda started 5 years ago in the Netherlands, when 2 designers turned their mutual love for coins into an interchangeable jewelry concept. In ancient times, coins were used as amulets, made to wear close to the heart and with a special meaning. They were designed in all kinds of jewelry.  Jewelry with symbols of love, hope, & strength & with beautiful designs to resemble an inner belief and a view of life.

Mi Moneda means “my coin” in Spanish, and refers to the personal character of the jewelry.¬† The removable disk gives you over 350,000 style combinations for your own unique necklace, ring or bracelet. Create a new look every day, always with a personal touch.

Mi Moneda offers stylish, well designed, high quality, affordable jewelry, and is rapidly expanding around the world. Have you found your favorite Mi Moneda yet?